Special Interest Groups

A number of organisations including LGPro, and the IPWEA encourage the formation of and support local government related special interest groups (SIGs) and communities of practice. Many other similar groups are formed directly by Councils. They are a great way of enabling collaboration between Councils.


We'd like to use Collaboration Day to:

  • identify as many existing special interest groups as possible;
  • identify any areas of interest that aren't already covered by a special interest group, and get something happening in that area too.

The SIGs we already know about are listed below. If you belong to a SIG that isn't listed below or you are interested to set up one for a topic that isn't already covered please let us know about it by commenting on :

Existing Special Interest Groups

Aged and Disabled Resident Support

Arts Development

Asset Management

Capital Works Programming


Community & Social Planning

Community Consultation

Community Facility Provision

Community Safety

Corporate Planning

Customer Service


Disability Planning

  • Victorian Local Government Disability Planners Network


Family Support

Festival and Events Management

Fleet Management

Geographical Information Systems

Human Resources

Information Technology

Inter-Council Collaboration

Kindergartens & Child Care

Parks and Open Space


Project Management

Records Management

Risk Management

Road Safety

Social Planning


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